Energiebesparende Producten

Alterpower® biedt u tal van energiebesparende producten aan. Verminder uw factuur door het gebruik van de zon. De zon schenkt gratis energie en u moet hiervan profiteren. Gratis warm water met onze zonnecollectoren, gratis stroom door zonnepanelen, warmtepompen voor uw verwarming,….. en zoveel meer pasklare oplossingen.
Zowel voor particulier als professionelen

Together we come to a ready-made solution at the right price!

We are happy to visit your home or business. Our representatives will discuss all options with you and give you FREE advice on the operation of our products and the benefit you’ll gain with our energy-saving products.


Grants and contributions

The placement of solar panels is financially encouraged in Flanders in different ways. Here is a brief overview of the measures.[Read more]

Calculation of inverter

When selecting the right inverter for your PV installation, there are many aspects of interest; the type of panel that you use, electrical connection, orientation and the system angle, and of course especially how much power you want to generate. [READ MORE]

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